Create Your New Story: The Mother-Daughter Way 

Have you been caring for everyone but yourself? Have you lost loved ones, a job, or your creative spark? Do you worry or complain about other people, your weight, your health, or money . . . have you noticed those worries become stories you’ve told too often?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, the Mother-Daughter Way is a guide to release negativity and reclaim happiness!

You will learn to disarm worry and acknowledge your heartfelt longings, while deepening the level of care you give yourself. To get started and get your FREE MOM Fix now, by clicking this link!

And it works! 

Tell a new story, a true story, and let the burden of worry gently lift and disappear. Imagine yourself as the child, being mothered by the most enlightened, wise, imaginative, loving, nurturing MOM you can summon. That’s the self-care persona and process you’ll develop on this journey.

You will follow simple steps to connect with yourself and your buried longings so you can tell and create a new story. The full program, which is offered once a year, includes twelve weeks of exciting self-renewal and change. It goes like this:

  1. Send your inner critic on vacation and enter a space of safety to be honest with yourself.
  2. Clear a path for YOU and reclaim energy you’d lost by stifling yourself.
  3. Tap into your power and transform anger into fuel.
  4. Turn off competing voices and tune into your channel.
  5. Give yourself permission to ask questions, end false agreements, and heed your heart.
  6. Find true abundance in the life you create.
  7. Ditch perfectionism and connect with your true self and your beloved tribe.
  8. Summon your inner strength through action, affirmation and support.
  9. Discover compassion as source and opening
  10. Become the steward of your spirit and protect your vital energy.
  11. Move into your dance and nurture your blessed autonomy.
  12. Create the next chapter of your life with intention, grace and joy.

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